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Sheltered is a post-apocalyptic disaster management game that gives a whole new meaning to the term “nuclear family”. Given a head-start over the billions lost in a nuclear holocaust, you must gather as many supplies as possible en route to the concrete underground shelter that will soon become your family home for the foreseeable dire future.
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Oct 25, 2017
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Overview Sheltered Mod APK


Sheltered is a survival game with RPG elements in which you must fight for your life. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where you must survive by any means necessary. You will have to build your shelter, gather resources, and craft weapons and tools to defend yourself against other survivors who are also trying to survive.

The game has several different modes available. In the story mode, you play as either a male or female character with varying abilities at their disposal. You can choose from other classes that determine what kind of character your main character will be. You can also customize their appearance and gender and decide whether they want to be male or female.
The game has been developed by Travian Games and published by Ubisoft. The game takes place in the abandoned ruins of London, where you will have to try to find food and resources while avoiding dangerous zombies and other survivors.

Game Narrative:

The story of Sheltered is simple enough: A group of people is trapped inside an abandoned warehouse after a devastating earthquake hits their town. They have no food or water and must find a way out before it’sit’s too late.

You play as one of these survivors who has been trapped inside this building for days without food or water. It’s up to you to get them out safely before they all die from starvation or thirst.

The game has been designed to be played by both adults and children, so there is something for everyone.

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How to play:

In multiplayer mode, two players can team up together on the same map, with each player controlling one of the characters from the single-player campaign. Some special features are available for multiplayer games, such as capture-the-flag style games where two teams try to get their flag into enemy territory while defending their own flag from enemy attacks.
In Sheltered, you can build your own shelter and defend it from enemies. You can also craft weapons with different materials or use them against other players.
In Sheltered, you play as a mother and father trying to survive in a small town overrun with zombies. You’llYou’ll have to do all sorts of things like crafting weapons and creating barricades to stay alive.

Also! Can download Google Play Store to enjoy this game.


Sheltered Mod Apk is a simulation game for Android that allows you to create your own home and take care of it.

You can choose from various homes, decorations, and even furniture. You can also hire employees to help you manage your home.

The game has many different kinds of animals available for purchase. These include dogs, cats, birds, and even fish!

Mod Features

1. Sheltered is a game that combines the best of modern and classic gaming. It combines the best aspects of both genres, offering a unique experience that will keep you coming back for more.

2. Sheltered is an old-school survival horror title in an abandoned shopping mall. You’ll find yourself trapped with no way out and no means to defend yourself against an endless horde of bloodthirsty monsters. You’llYou’ll need to survive by using your wits, creativity, and environment to get back home alive!

3. The story begins when you wake up in an empty room with no idea how you got there or why everything around you looks so familiar! Your only means of escape is through exploration, but this isn’tisn’t as easy as it sounds because there’s nothing left here but darkness and fear!

How To Download:

1. Go to the official website of the game or Download Modded Version on our website

2. Click on the “”Download”” button on the right side of the page.

3. Choose your Android version and click the “”Download”” button again.

4. Click on “”install”” and wait for a few seconds until it finishes installing


The Sheltered Mod APK is an exciting game that will keep you busy for a long time. The graphics are good, and the sound quality is also good. The game has many different modes that allow you to play with your friends or family members. The controls are easy to use, and you can quickly get the hang of them after a few minutes of practice. If you like playing games, then this is definitely one of them that you should try out!


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